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Massage Services And Rates

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Massage Services and Rates

Add-On's :
CBD 1000 mg Body Therapy Balm.                              $25 
Deep Tissue.                                                                       $20
Extra 30 Minutes.                                                             $35
Muscle Therapy.                                                                $25
Sugar Foot Scrub.                                                              $20
30 Minutes Traditional Reflexology.                             $50

Couples Massage

60 Minute.                                                               $320
90 Minute + Sugar Foot or Back Scrub.            $400
60 Minute + 30 Minute Reflexology.                 $450

Couples Massages are scheduled Friday, Saturday & Sunday Only. We do not schedule any singles on these days.

Before you get a Great Massage, We offer offer a Complementary drink per person from our Top Shelf collection. You have the option to mix your own drink, champagne (Moët). We do the prep work for your surprise. We offer nothing bunt cakes, rose petals or flowers  upon request. For Birthday's, anniversary's, or something special. 
Each Session Includes;  Hot Stones, DoTERRA Essential oils, Hot Towels & Heating pad. Our table setup is side by side, equipped with table warmers. We use Comphy Linen and blankets, High-Quality Grade Products, No Synthetics! Our Essential oils are Certified Therapeutic Grade by DoTERRA. We use Carrier oils from Source Vital Apothecary, they are local, Houston based and  create fresh batches daily. They are open to the public and for professionals. 
High- Quality Reflexology                                
(light - Medium- Firm - Deep Pressure)
60 Minute     $100
30 Minute.     $50
For those who do not want a full - body massage but would like the benefits. Reflexology is ideal! Reflexology is good for improved nerve function, boosted energy levels, increased circulation, relaxation, faster healing, works on the body on multiple levels, Strengthen the immune system of the body. 
The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. Reflexology is an ancient therapy that focuses on healing in the body by activating different reflex points found in the feet. Pressing on the different points in the feet causes reflex responses in corresponding parts of the body, which can help promote healing. 

Bodywork ​​​                             
(Light - Medium - Firm - Deep Tissue Pressure)
60 Minute        $100
90 Minute.       $150
2 Hour.              $200
This is our version of Therapeutic, Sports Massage. This option is best for those who need movement, when your body is stuck. With or without pain. This option uses the Electric Table, Deep Tissue/Pressure, MAT & Advanced massage techniques along with Hot stones, towels, pad & essential oils.

It's the Art and Science of combining technique (Modalities) into a single session to give the best possible result.  Every session will not be the same, this will change from session to session.  The electric table is used in combination with advanced Massage techniques. Massage Techniques are combined with relaxation, therapeutic, movement enhancing, & pain relieving. 

Self-Care Massage                            
(light - Medium - Firm Pressure)
60 Minute.      $90
90 Minute.       $140
Make your Self-Care a priority, reduce stress levels and add quality of life.  
This is a whole body therapeutic massage treatment that works the soft tissues and muscles to help restore a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system. This Massage Treatment uses Swedish Relaxation with hot stones, essential oils and hot towels to ease muscles and joints. This helps with everyday stiffness and aches. This is monthly maintenance massage that helps with your immune system and keeps you mobile. 

Pain-Relief Massage                    
(Medium - Deep Tissue Pressure)
60 Minute.    $120
90 Minute.    $170
2 Hour.          $220
Have Pain in the Back, neck, knees, hands legs arms etc?  Frozen Neck/ Shoulder? Pulled a Muscle/Back?  Muscular Pain after a workout or overworked muscles?  Sit like a shrimp for over 8 hours?  Any type of pain that is not related to a sickness/ illness (flu like).
*(please do not confuse this with body aches from an illness or sickness or COVID Symptoms.)*
This Massage Treatment helps relieve pain by relaxing painful muscles, tendons, and joints; relieving stress and anxiety; and possibly helping to "close the pain gate" by stimulating competing nerve fibers and impeding pain messages to and from the brain.  Pain is referred through out the body, and doesn't always begin where it's at. In this session we use Hydrotherapy (Heating Pad, Hot & Cold Stones), Cupping, Deep Blue Rub, Essential oils for pain and inflammation,  depending on the problem. Advance Massage techniques: including Deep Tissue,  used for pain are added during this session. So its important to be thorough in your Intake paperwork. Due to the nature of Pain, we will need to do a 90 minutes only, because with 60 minutes its very difficult to get to every area or multiple problems.

(Light - Medium - Firm). No Deep Tissue
30 Minute.    $45
60 Minute.    $65
90 Minute.     $95
This is for those who only want Swedish Relaxation Massage Only.!   No Extras!.   Just Massage and your choice of Cream or oil. If you have to add- on something to this massage, most likely you need a different one. !
It takes the business preparation for each appointment, so the less we do, the less you pay.  Massage Therapist will not do Deep Tissue or add on any thing they have to clean, if there not getting paid for it.!
No Essential oils, No Hot Stones, Hot Towels, Heating Pad etc.
No add-ON's and No Discounts are allowed on this option.
*The 30 minute massage is targeted specific area only! We cannot do a full body massage in 30 minutes.! 

Hot Stone Therapy     (light- Medium- Firm)
90 Minute.      $150
Hot Stone Therapy helps you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.  Anyone who is experiencing muscle tension, pain, insomnia, or stress may benefit from Hot Stone Therapy.
Complete 90 minute Swedish Relaxation Massage using Hot Stones made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. This is not spot specific hot stones. This is complete full body Hot stones, Legs, arms, torso. We do not place stones on the back, we massage with them. This takes preparation and use a lot of stones to complete the massage front and back. This is why we only offer 90 minutes. 

Lymphatic Drainage (light Pressure)
90 Minutes.    $150
2 Hour.           $220
This type of session aims to help the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance, and immune functions. Aside from Lymphedema, lymphatic drainage can help treat several health problems. The use of gentle movements to stretch the skin in the direction of lymph flow. Light rhythmic movements stimulate the lymphatic system without pressing hard on the vessels. It's best to do a full body, not Parts for best results. 
Medical (Rx) Massage
60 Minute.    $80
90 Minute.    $125
This Massage can be prescribed by a Chiropractor, PT, MD, Medical practitioner. This is for HSA / FSA Clients and Medical Specific Customer. No Discounts or Add-On's  allowed.  All Intake & Consent Forms must be completed.
This is a Therapeutic Massage using Medical history, and Medical modalities including Lymphatic drainage and Reflexology to relieve any tension, Fluid build up, pain or assist in any health conditions or disease. 
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