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The Key to Rejuvenation is right next door. Your center of pain relief and relaxation is located Rice Village, Houston, TX. 

"Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well". 
"Anyone wishing to study medicine must master the art of Massage".  

About Us
We are a  (Women Owned ) Small Massage Therapy Business located in Rice Village, Houston, TX.  We are the best kept secret spot you will find for Couples Massages and Individuals. Our practice & philosophy is to educate & empower customers by introducing advanced massage therapy and beauty products for self-care, pain relief, relaxation and enhance quality of life. We use multiple Advanced bodywork (modalities) techniques and High-Quality Grade products to  help clients achieve optimal healthier lives. 

Our prices will increase depending on the Demand and price increases. It cost Us money to provide the experience. 

Please Inquire ahead of time if you would like champagne or wine we do not keep a stock on it.  We need to estimate how much we need for the week. Please let us know when booking if you want it in your service or if its a birthday, anniversary, mothers gift, girl friend surprise etc.

Massage Therapist
There is a shortage on LMT's, we don't have a 2nd person working full -time. We only offer Extra Days on  Couples massages if we have the therapist for it. Please be considerate with gratuity, they don't have to work here, My therapist Choose to work here. 

Groupon Customers
GRATUITY   is not Included in Service.  
Groupon Couples Massage Price @ 35% Off:     60M: $208   /      90M - $270.00
Your barcode must be active at the time of Scheduling or  in order to receive services. If not, we will cancel your appointment or refuse Service. Our scheduling software does not checkout for Groupon. We have to scan the voucher from your phone in person. 
You don't have to go thru GROUPON, we PRICE Match your offer. Text us the picture with offer at (713) 417-0044
You can Text us for the link or use this one below: 
If the Software does not allow you to schedule, that means someone is booking at the same time. You will have to call or text us to verify your appointment. 


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