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COVID Protocols

Cleaning, Sanitation & Disinfection Protocols are Mandatory, & Are required before and after every session/ Client.

Due to the Outbreak COVID-19, We are taking Extra Precautions with the Intake of each Client Health History Review, as well as Sanitation and disinfecting Practices. 

  1. 40 Minute Recovery Time in-between appointments for cleaning and disinfecting.
  2. Everything that can be touched is wiped down with EPA Hospital Grade Disinfectant. We spray Mist the entire room with EPA Disinfectant. 
  3. We are asking clients and new customers to please schedule online and fill out all intake forms.
  4. Due to Covid-19: We are allowing you to cancel your appointment via app or online. 
  5. Re-scheduling and Refunds are flexible and no penalties. Refunds thru the business are done by the way you paid. If you zelle, cash app, Venmo, Apple Pay, google pay it will be returned that way. Any Credit card over-phone will be done by chase merchant.
  6. Mask are required upon entering. Some of our therapists request that you put your mask on Face up during massage. 
  7. We are screening our therapist on a daily basis especially with couples massages. 
  8. All Intake Forms are done via scheduling online. No need to show up 15 minutes early. 
  9. If you FEEL Sick, Fever, Body Aches, Sneezing, Coughing etc.  Please CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT.
  10. DO NOT  TRY to get a massage in order to alleviate symptoms.!
  11. If you have flu-like, or contagious symptoms, We WILL REFUSE SERVICE
  12. WE Do Not want to get sick or spread any thing.

    Disinfectants & Cleaners

We use Barbicide to disinfect all surfaces, tables, warmers, anything you can touch. We have it in a spray mister to get into areas we may have missed. We use Ship Shape to clean our warmers & surfaces. Micro-Ban Cleansers are used everywhere in the restroom and surfaces. Floor Mopping & sweeping is done before and after each client. We clean & disinfect the floors everyday.

Client Comfort

  1. Comphfy Linen and Blankets are used on our massage tables for your comfort.
  2. We use disinfectant/ sanitizer , detergent, & softener on  laundry.  Sheets, Blankets & Towels  (Laundry) is done everyday.
  3. All towels get washed with Clorox and detergent. 
  4. Barrier Protection Cover is used between the sheets and table warmer.
  5. Himalayan Salt Stone Lamps are in every corner, shelves of the suite to keep air filtered and comfortable. 
  6. We diffuse DoTERRA essential oils. 
  7. Breast Pillow is available for clients who need one. 



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